Mark Moore

Mark A. Moore is the parent of an Armstrong alum who attended Armstrong for seven years.  He has been an Armstrong trustee since 2018 and is the chairman of the Board. Mark loves Armstrong because the school has “flipped the switch” on dyslexia, helping young people learn to integrate it into their lives as a strength to celebrate rather than a weakness to overcome.  He also loves the wonderful community of dyslexic learners and families, who are all in it together! Mark works in investor relations at Horsley Bridge Partners in San Francisco, an early stage venture fund-of-funds. He is the past board chair at The Carey School in San Mateo, and was also Treasurer of the California Historical Society. Mark was graduated from Georgetown University (BA), Stanford University (MA), and Kellogg School of Management (MBA).  Mark lives in Burlingame with his wife Sandy, three kids (all of whom have flown the coop), and their dogs Willie Mays and Jerry Rice.