Board of Trustees

The Armstrong Board of Trustees is currently comprised of 16 trustees who volunteer their time and resources to advancing the mission and goals of the school. Board composition reflects the strategic expertise, resources, and perspectives needed to achieve the mission and strategic objectives of the school.

Areas of Responsibility

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

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  • Educational Excellence

    Expand and deliver our program with excellence for our current and future students.
  • Outstanding Work Experience

    Prioritize an outstanding Armstrong work experience that attracts and retains the best faculty and staff. 
  • Inclusive School Community

    Foster a school community where all members feel valued, included and connected.
  • Serve More Armstrong Students

    Serve more students with dyslexia at Armstrong by increasing the demand for Lower School and exploring options for addressing the  demand in Middle School.
  • Address Space Needs

    Address short- and long-term campus space needs including new and improved facilities


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Special Trustees

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  • Neil Tuch

    Head of School 
  • Jennifer Sadr

    CAPSO Liaison
  • Steven Carnevale

    UCSF Co-Liaison
  • David Evans

    UCSF Co-Liaison


If you have questions about the Armstrong Board of Trustees, please contact Elissa Whorl at Ewhorl@charlesarmstrong.org.