Armstrong History

Dr. Charles Armstrong was a founding physician of the Menlo Medical Clinic and a staff member at local hospitals. The Charles D. Armstrong Foundation was established in his honor by devoted patients, family, and friends after his untimely passing in 1962.

The foundation’s mission was to seek solutions to community problems and was led by Armstrong’s former colleague and friend, Dr. Wilbur Mattison. Dyslexia was only beginning to be understood at that time. When Dr. Mattison’s own son was diagnosed with dyslexia, the foundation chose to focus its efforts and resources on dyslexic learners.

Dr. Mattison founded the Charles Armstrong School in 1968, naming it after his good friend “Charlie.” Dr. Mattison was intricately involved in school leadership since its founding and until recently. His never-ending “enthusiastic optimism” and twinkling charisma remain at the heart and soul of the Charles Armstrong School.