Message from the Head of School

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity....For All of Us
This coming school year will mark my 10th with the Armstrong community...first as a parent, then Finance Committee member, before my leap onto the school’s administration, as CFO, Assistant Head of School, and now Head of School.   I’ve been lucky to see first-hand the incredible work of our faculty, staff, and school leaders in creating a learning environment in which our students not only succeed, but also thrive – both academically and social-emotionally.  
As I step into this new role, I realize I have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring all of my energy and all of my heart to serve students and to completely alter the trajectory of their lives and their family’s lives.  I have lived that dream with my own family.  My belief is that every dyslexic student merits that same chance – the chance for an outstanding Armstrong education which will stay with them forever.
I’m also struck by the fact that this upcoming year presents not only me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but all of us.
Our students, who may have taken going to school every day for granted, understand as we emerge from the pandemic that learning on campus at Armstrong is a gift their families have given them.  I expect, they will bring a level of energy and excitement about learning that we have never seen before.
Our faculty and staff, who brought levels of creativity and innovation to the last 15 months that they certainly never anticipated, realize they have the skills, flexibility, and resources to capitalize on our students’ excitement and deliver an Armstrong education this year like no other.
And, as an Armstrong community and broader society, we hopefully are developing a greater understanding of the injustices that many people face and recognize that our educational institutions play an important role and have a unique opportunity to help address those challenges.
Whether you are a current family, prospective family, or alumni family, I welcome the opportunity to learn with you, learn from you, and engage with you on our Armstrong journey.
All the best,

    • Neil Tuch

      Head of School

8th Grade Graduation Essay

I’ve become more confident, resilient and determined to thrive in my education. I will always continue to push through difficult times and be the best version of me. I have found myself and I am going to make a difference in the world.

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