Our Approach

At Armstrong, Responsive Classroom approaches will be used by faculty and staff to provide a strong, consistent foundation for classroom instruction and positive school culture. 

The Responsive Classroom approach to discipline includes both proactive and reactive steps. Proactive steps include all the things we do to set students up for success and constitute most of our work as teachers. 
Positive behavioral supports facilitate the student’s successful self-awareness, self-management, engagement with others and the learning process. The students and their teachers set a class plan, expectations, and rules at the beginning of each school year. Students may have individual behavior plans based upon their specific needs, which are reviewed regularly. 

Proactive work does not eliminate the need for reactive work, but it does make reactive steps more effective and often reduces the amount of time needed for reactive measures. Reactive steps are those we take in the moment and provide redirection for our students. Redirection encompasses a number of techniques, which serve to (1) Divert the student from an unwanted task or more problematic behavior (2) Return the student to a more desirable task or more appropriate behavior. Redirection occurs without the coercion of negative consequences.