May 2018

Send Us Your Armstrong Story
As part of our 50th Anniversary Celebration we are inviting all Armstrong Alumni to share their Armstrong Story. 
Many thanks to Rachel Leiter (pictured above) who attended between 2003 and 2005 for 2nd and 3rd grades for her recent submission.  Click on the photo to watch Rachel's video and others.

Stories will be captured on video and shared on our website and archived. 

We would love to have you participate!

How to get started:
Take some time to think about how your experiences at Armstrong have made you the person you are today.
How has Armstrong changed you?
Put another way -- describe yourself before Armstrong and tell us what at Armstrong helped you to change.
Click here to visit our 50th website to get some tips for recording and to find the video submit link.

New Armstrong Video:

As part of our 50th Anniversary Celebration we had a 7-minute video made of Armstrong's history.  Watch the video.

Click here to visit our 50th website and see more about our celebrations!

Calling All Athletes! 
Did you play sports at Armstrong?  Do you have any photos?

In honor of our 50th 
Anniversary we are collecting photos of each sport from 
each year and we can use your help.

Visit our Sports page at ---
If you see something missing ...let us know by emailing

If you've got any photos we can add send them to