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Armstrong School




Summer School 2018

Registration for current Armstrong families start January 16, 2018. Applications will be accepted starting February 5, 2018

for all Non-Armstrong families. 



Registration For Current Armstrong Families Only 


July 2- July 27, 2018,

with no school and no camp on July 4

Morning Academic Program for rising 2nd-7th grade: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Note: classes may be combined based on enrollment numbers per grade level 

Afternoon Camp Program: 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Morning Academic Program for rising 2nd-7th grade: $2890
Afternoon Camp Program:$1730

Armstrong’s Summer School provides students entering Grades 2nd through 7th daily instruction in math and language arts remediation in addition to strength-based classes such as art, music, and dance. In small group language and math classes, teachers foster a supportive learning community that focuses on review and reinforcement of academic skills. Our program uses the same curricula and teaching methods that we employ during the regular school year. All classes are multi-sensory, and allow students the opportunity to gain confidence in a supportive and rigorous learning environment. Families have the opportunity to attend one parent-teacher conference at the end of the session.


Main components of the Morning Academic Program:

•         Community-building class meetings and assemblies
•         Small group language arts remediation with particular emphasis on spelling and decoding skills
•         Small group math instruction
•         One strength-based class (such as Art, Dance, Music, Stop-Motion Animation, and Cognitive Development)


Academics Overview

Small Group Language Classes

In the Grades 2 and 3, language arts classes follow the Fundations and Wilson Reading Systems. Both programs focus on phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling. They serve as intervention programs to help reduce reading and spelling failure.

Language arts classes in Grades 4-6 follow curriculum from the Just Words, Wilson Reading System, and Language! Program by Voyager Sopris Learning. Just Words is a highly explicit, multisensory decoding and spelling program for students in grades 4–12. It encompasses a sophisticated study of word structure with explicit teaching of “how English works” for both decoding and spelling automaticity. Language! integrates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, foundational skills, and spoken English.

In the 7th grade, language arts classes follow the Language! program.


Small Group Math Classes:

The small group math classes in the lower grades focus on review and strengthening of concepts, such as number sense, basic place value, addition and subtraction, and time and money. In the upper elementary grades, teacher focus on advanced place value, multiplication and division concepts, and fractions. Math in middle school focuses on fractions and decimals, numerical operations, and number theory. Math teachers use multisensory strategies and methodologies to support students’ deep understanding of math.


If you need more information contact

Note: classes may be combined based on enrollment numbers per grade level 



Our Admissions Team

Charlene Mercadante 
Director of Admission and Next School Placement
650-592-7570 x1268

Regina Lewis 

Admission Coordinator
650-592-7570 x1234


Lindsay Fabela 
Next School Placement Coordinator
650-592-7570 x1264


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