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What is it?
The Charles Armstrong Portal is the student information system and learning management system from WhippleHill used by parents, students, faculty and administration. The system takes huge steps toward improving the communication of the School.

What kind of information is on it?
• Class/Course Pages:
For each room or class, students will now have access to Course Pages that contain important content related to the course.
• Assignments:
 The Assignments section provides clear access to instructions for assignments.
 Parents will now have access to update their own demographic information as well as contact information for their student.
 The Messaging feature creates a user inbox for internal communications. Teachers have an easy way to contact students and parents. Messaging also allows students to collaborate on projects.

How to sign up?
How to Sign Up?
Directions to Login to WhippleHill
How to Sign Up for Email Notifications?
Email Notifications
How to change Username and Password?
Changing Username and Password
How to update personal information?
Update User Profile

 Questions? Contact Rhonda Orr at

Yahoo Group

What is it?
The Yahoo group is an online and email tool we have created for parents of Armstrong students. Since we are a commuter, school it is an easy way to read (via email) about school and community events and to hear from other parents like you. The Yahoo Group email is the primary way we communicate with each other at Armstrong. Please do not post advertisements etc. This list is for information sharing and gathering only.

What kind of information is on it?
• Carpool requests, including a database to find carpools
• Volunteer requests throughout the school year
• Extra-curricular activities for kids
• Information regarding LD issues, education initiatives, transition, and fundraising activities

How to sign up?
- Go to:
- Under Find a Yahoo! Group type in Armstrongparents
- You will be asked to create a New User Account.

This is easy to complete
- Send a request to join…you will receive email confirmation from the moderator welcoming you
- You can choose how often to receive emails…either as they are written or grouped into daily logs.
Select digest to limit your emails to once per day if you would like!

Questions? Contact Stacey Signorello at
Know what's going on at our school - Sign up today!!

Armstrong Parent Yahoo Group