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Armstrong School




How to Apply

Now Accepting Applications for Grades 2-7 for the

2019-2020 School Year!

Thank you for your interest in Charles Armstrong School.  We are thrilled that you believe our program may serve the needs of your child.  

We are currently accepting applications for grades 2-7 for the fall 2018-19.  We have a rolling admission program and accept applications until we are filled.  

If you are thinking of applying, we strongly encourage you to submit your application today

Do not wait.


Attend a Visitor Information Night:

We offer these parent evenings monthly and hope that you can attend to learn about our school and program.  You may attend this event at any time during the admission process.  Please schools a preferred date and RSVP using the following  Inquiry Form.

Schedule an OPTIONAL School Tour: 

If you need more information after our Visitor Information Night, we are happy to give you a tour of our campus during the day. Tours run about 45 minutes to 1 hour and may have up to two families on the tour at the same time.

To schedule a tour, please contact our Admissions Office at 650-592-7570 x 1268 or email our Admissions Department at

Complete our online application and submit documentation at any time during this process:

Fill out the Online Application and pay the non-refundable processing fee of $190. We accept applications on a rolling basis, based on space available. 

Submit the following documentation to Regina Lewis in our Armstrong Admission office at

Note: Send copies only of documents, e.g. testing, reports, etc., as they will become the property of Armstrong. Your documents will not be duplicated or forwarded to third parties.

Supporting Documents Required:

·   Cognitive Ability Assessments such as WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) and Academic Achievement Assesments, such as Woodcock-Johnson Achievement Test or WIAT (Wechsler Intelligence Achievement Test)

·   Current copy of psychological education evaluation or 

·  Current copy of IEP or 504 Accommodation Plan 

·  Last year and this year's report cards

Please download and the provide the following items from the online application:

· Confidential Student Evaluation Form

·  Release of Information Form

·   Educational/Tutor Services Questionnaire (if applicable)

·  Counselor/Psychotherapy Services (if applicable)


Preliminary Application Review and Next Steps:

The Admission Team reviews the submitted application and documentation. Once we receive your application documents, we will contact you if the Admission Committee believes it is appropriate to schedule your child for a shadow visit at Charles Armstrong School for two consecutive days. We then will schedule a parent meeting to learn more about your child. 

Admission Committee Review:

After the shadow visit in the classroom and parent meeting, the complete application is submitted to the Armstrong Admission Committee to make an official determination whether our program is a good match for your child. 


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis based on available space. Decisions for the 2019-2020 school year will be shared in late January 2019. We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until all class grades are full. 

Our Team

Lora Buchler 
Manager Next School Placement
650-592-7570 x1038

Margie Curran 
Next School Placement Coordinator
650-592-7570 x1269


Regina Lewis 
Admission Coordinator &
Visitor Information Night Coordinator 
650-592-7570 x1234


If you would like more information please complete the Inquiry Form


Mailing Address
Charles Armstrong School
Attention: Admissions Office
1405 Solana Drive
Belmont, CA 94002-3653