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Armstrong Directory


Teachers Name Ext.   Email

Classroom Teacher Adams, Taratip 1005
Lower School Learning Specialist Ailanjian, Beth
Lower School Learning Specialist Almeida , Susan 1005
Classroom Teacher Alvaro, Adric 1013
3rd grade Small Group Instructor Apple , Sarah 1003
4th Grade Small Group Instructor Bell , Natalie 1007
Math Teacher Bennett, John 1018
Assessment and Learning Specialist Brown, Melissa
Classroom Teacher Carroll, Amanda 1013
Small Group Instructor Coloma, Mary Ann 1002
Classroom Teacher and Just Words Facilitator Cunningham, Rachael 1014
Classroom Teacher David, Monica 1016
Classroom Teacher DeMartinis, Barbara 1015
Classroom Teacher Demyan, Marlese 1007
Classroom Teacher Dixon, John 1009
Lower School P.E. & Drama Douthit, Scott 1219
Classroom Teacher Downs , Micah 1018
Classroom Teacher Ellis, Kathryn 1018
Classroom Teacher Filous, Alison 1007
Classroom Teacher Haket , Alicia 1011
2nd Grade Small Group Instructor Hayes, Vicki 1002
Middle School Language Teacher Hunter , Jacquie 1014
Classroom Teacher Johnson, Tamu 1005
Classroom Teacher Johnson, Brinika 1010
Art Teacher Jones, Dylan 1006
Small Group Instructor Kelly, Nancy 1003
Classroom Teacher Kestelyn, Heidi 1010
Classroom Teacher and Foundations Facilitator Lanzet-Ourian, Greer 1004
Technology Integration Specialist Lewis, Erika 1020
Wilson Specialist Maiden, Cori 1015
Art Teacher Martinez , Kristi 1006
Middle School Learning Specialist McGovern, Jennifer 1016
Classroom Teacher McLaughlin, Heather 1008
Science/Outdoor Education Coordinator Meyer, Daniel 1226
Science and Math Teacher Mitchell, Terrence 1226
Classroom Teacher Nusbaum, Andrew 1017
Classroom Teacher Paye, Ana 1008
Middle School Counselor Peruzzaro, Nicholas 1243
Music Teacher Pistone, Cynthia 1275
Lower School Counselor Reuter, Colleen 1209
Classroom Teacher Roffman, Diana 1016
Classroom Teacher Rose, Jeanne 1004
Classroom Teacher Sieling, Katarina 1014
Middle School P.E. & Sports Smith, Russ 1219
Movement Teacher Springs, Suzanne 1239
Classroom Teacher Strong, Paloma 1002
Classroom teacher Veal, Victor 1015
5th Grade Small Group Instructor Wolf , Love 1010
Classroom Teacher Wright , Sean 1011
Classroom Teacher Wynn, Nicholas 1017


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Charles Armstrong School
1405 Solana Drive
Belmont, CA 94002

Main Line: 650-592-7570

The following is an extensions list:

Report Absences: option 1
Student Services: x1204
Admissions:  x1268
Community Relations: x1235
Marketing: x1273
Curriculum: x1274
Development: x1206
Finance: x1227

Fax: 650-591-3114